What is Sealcore


What is SealCore?
SealCore Safety Plate* is the revolutionary way to seal core and penetration holes in multi-story buildings, both during construction and post-construction. It’s faster, less intrusive, easier to use, and less expensive than traditional methods.

SealCore is Fast
The SealCore Safety Plate comes with everything you need—SealCore component, Allen wrench, fire rated foam, and instructions. No additional tools are needed, no experience is required. It can be installed in less than a minute and meets the International Building Code 4-Hour Fire Rating.

The Old Way

The SealCore Way!

1. Go to the floor below
2. Remove ceiling
3. Put steel or plywood plug in the hole
4. Seal plug
5. Go to the floor above.
6. Mix concrete
7. Fill hole with concrete
8. Clean up

TOTAL TIME – 1 hour

1. Insert SealCore into hole.
2. Lift and tighten with Allen wrench.
3. Fill with fire rated foam.


SealCore is Safe
SealCore Safety Plate is made from high grade plate steel using a patented* design. Combined with the supplied UL-rated fire resistant foam [links to UL-rating foam spec sheet PDF] and intumescent padding, it has a FOUR-hour Fire Rating.

International Building Code 2006, section 712.3.1 — Through penetration fire stop system — states: “Through penetrations shall be protected by an approved penetration fire stop system installed as tested in accordance with ASTM E-814 or UL 1479 with a minimum positive pressure differential of 0.01 inch (2.49Pa) of water and shall have an F rating of not less than the required fire resistance rating of the wall or floor penetrated.”

SealCore Safety Plate exceeds this rating!
Click to see the independent laboratory fire rating certification

SealCore Saves Time and Money
See for yourself HOW EASY IT IS to use the SealCore Safety Plate. Then start saving time and money! 

Our fire resistant foam compared to the others
View this Comparison Video

*International and U.S. Patent Pending

Recent Testimonial


I'm the construction manager of 12 mid rise office buildings in Frisco Texas and we use the SealCore Safety Plate for all our abandoned core holes. Its fast, easy and inexpensive. I would highly recommend this device for any construction job, new or remodel!

Thanks Chuck!

Terrye Mays

Hall Financial Group, Frisco, Texas

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