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Each kit comes complete with everything you need:

  1. The SealCore device
  2. 2 allen wrenches, 1 for manual installation and one to be used in a cordless
  3. 1 can of fire retardant foam

Installing your device

  1. Clean the hole of all loose material and fill any gaps or cracks.
  2. Remove all the content from packing box.
  3. Hold device vertically and insert into hole. The slide wing is design to teeter so that it will slide down through the opening. Once below the slab, the slide wing will level its self out.
  4. Holding the device by the top plate, lift upwards so that slight pressure will bring the slide wing tight to the bottom of the slab.
  5. With either a cordless drill or manually, insert the allen wrench into the allen head bolt and begin turning. This will slowly lower the upper portion of the device into the opening. Keep pressure on the slide wing so it will not spin freely.
  6. Once the top plate is snug to the top of the slab, remove the allen wrench. Care must be taken not to trap fingers between the plate and the floor assembly.
  7. Shake the can of fire retardant foam for at least 30 seconds.
  8. Invert the can and insert the nozzle into one of the two holes in the top plate. Push the nozzle as far into the cavity as possible.
  9. Spray the foam into the hole and gradually pull the nozzle out until the foam is overflowing the second hole on the top plate. This will make sure no air voids form in the foam.
  10. Remove spray nozzle from hole in top plate.
  11. Allow to cure and either cut or just leave the excess foam to wear off.

You have now successfully installed your SealCore device. The foam will be cured in 12 hours and any excess may be cut away.

If you have any questions regarding the installation of your SealCore SafetyPlate, please call 214.405.0767

Recent Testimonial


We've been using the SealCore Safety Plate since it came out and love it..... saves us time and money and in this economy, we have to watch our bottom line closer than ever! The SealCore Safety Plate is going to be the new industry standard when it comes to core abandonment!

Chuck Daniels

VP estimating Accer Contracting, San francisco, California

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