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The SealCore Story

In 2006, while working in the commercial tenant finish-out industry, Chuck Longhenry realized there had to be a better, faster, and less intrusive way to seal the core and penetration holes that typically contain electrical and data wires in multi-story buildings. After two years of trial and error, he perfected and applied for a patent on the SealCore Safety Plate. This high quality, inexpensive, and fire-proof product is revolutionizing the way core holes are sealed in multi-storied buildings, both during construction and in post-construction projects.

In order to manufacture and market the SealCore Safety Plate, Chuck founded Longhenry Industries, Inc., of which he is the president. The company is located in Aubrey, Texas just 45 minutes from the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex area.

SealCore Safety Plates are proudly made in the USA using local workers.


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We've been using the SealCore Safety Plate since it came out and love it..... saves us time and money and in this economy, we have to watch our bottom line closer than ever! The SealCore Safety Plate is going to be the new industry standard when it comes to core abandonment!

Chuck Daniels

VP estimating Accer Contracting, San francisco, California

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